Oral Abstract Presenting Author

It is required that oral abstract presenting authors who attend the WFNOS 2022 in person prepare their presentation file in PPT format including texts, images, and video files, etc. The prepared file will need to be submitted to the preview room on the day of the presentation. On the other hand, those attending the WFNOS 2022 online should prepare a recording of their presentation.

Oral abstract presenting author attending WFNOS 2022 in person (face-to-face presentation)

Please prepare a PowerPoint Presentation consisting of multiple slides in 4:3 ratio landscape orientation. You may use a template that can be downloaded here.
Please note that presentation slides should be prepared in English

  • File format: .ppt (PowerPoint presentation file)
  • File size limit: Should not exceed 100 MB
  • Slide set up: 4:3 (standard screen) ratio in landscape orientation
  • Font size: Use a minimum font size of 14 points
  • Font style: Avoid using custom fonts. We recommend that you use the default fonts that come with Microsoft Office.
  • Submission method: Submit your presentation slides to the preview room on the day of your presentation (at least 1 hour before your presentation starts).


Oral abstract presenting author attending WFNOS 2022 online

You can prepare a pre-recorded presentation video file that which is a recording of your presentation including narration in Mp4 video format.

1) How to prepare a pre-recorded presentation video
  • File format: .Mp4 (recording of presentation + narration)
    You can use your preferred presentation software (eg. Zoom, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.)
  • Slide set up: 16:9 (wide screen) ratio in landscape orientation
  • File size limit: Should not exceed 500 MB
  • Time limit: Should not exceed 7 minutes (TOP 10 Session Presenting Authors: 12 minutes)
  • No. of slides: No limit: as long as the length of video stays within the assigned time, there is no limit on the no. of slides.

To see the detailed instructions on how to prepare your video recording, please click the below button.


2) How to upload the pre-recorded presentation video

We will be using 'Dropbox' to collect and protect your presentation video. You can simply upload your file without creating an account, and only the secretariat will have access to view the files uploaded by the presenting authors.

  • Click the uploading link that you received via email or click the “Go to upload my presentation video” button below.
  • Click Choose from computer to upload a file. You can also drag and drop the file directly into your browser window.
  • If you have two or more files to upload, click +Add another file.
  • Once you have all the files you want to upload, enter your name and email address so that the secretariat knows who uploaded these files.

    Important: Name of the file must be "Your full name_abstract number" (eg. John Doe_F-1234).


Pre-recording Submission Deadline: March 6 (Sun), 2022